System sensor 4wb data sheet

System Sensor is a global manufacturer of fire and life safety devices, in smoke detection, carbon monoxide detection, and notification technology. 4W-B / Products / System Sensor" - System Sensor

had to drill 1 new 1/4 inch hole for the connecting wire. old mounting holes fit just fine. tested ok on first try. cost a lot less than the original sensor that was 20 years old. inflation may be rampant elsewhere, but System Sensor prices are going the other way. thank you System Sensor for a nice product at a really good price. DST3 DST3, System Sensor, System Sensor 3' sampling tube for D4120 smoke detector System Sensor 3' sampling tube for D4120 smoke detector 877.482.2236 Free shipping on most orders over $199

System Sensor 4WTRB: System Sensor 4WTRB I3 Series Sounder & Relay Smoke Detector - 4 Wire : Manufacturer: System Sensor: Price: $56.01 System Sensor speakers transmit the clear, intelligible messages necessary to meet code, save lives, and protect property. Choose from a variety of options to meet your application and installation needs including a plug-in design that speeds installation and virtually eliminates costly ground faults and text accessories that easily convert devices to a wide range of applications to simplify ...

To complete the installation, i3 heads plug into the base with a simple Stop-Drop ’N Lock (TM) action. Intelligence. i3 detectors offer a number of intelligent features to simplify testing and maintenance. Drift compensation and smoothing algorithms are standard with the i3 line to minimize nuisance alarms. System Sensor 4W-B 4-wire P/E Smoke Detector. The i3 family is founded on three principles: Installation ease Intelligence & Instant inspection.